Beanie Babies (MM #3797)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. I've collected a variety of different items throughout the years, but one collectible that kind of passed me by juice. Any babies. I know a lot of people who collected, beanie babies in the mid-to-late, nineties, including my sister. And while they were cute, I never understood why people cared so much. I realized they made it. So they were retired after a while so they had some thought of collectability, but they never told you how many they made of each item. So were they really collectible as we've now found out they weren't but what fascinated me most saw story, the other night, I believe on Feist television explains why Beanie Babies became so popular. And it was thanks to the internet. There were one of the first companies to have an Internet site and utilized that to build excitement for them as the internet came about in mid nineteen, ninety-five and ninety-six eBay started coming out so they were able to be sold on eBay and all those things that make things. Now, collectible were first started by Beanie Babies. Something I never chose to collect and luckily don't have to worry about now dead.

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