Twitter Suspends JD Vance Campaign Account


You see what happened to jay. Vance jd vance the author of hillbilly elegy the Appalachian raised kind of half appalachian. Half middletown ohio raised a young man. Who went on to become A yale law school. Nor i take that back. I think he went to yale. For as undergrad got his law degrade ohio state. Beg your pardon at anyway you'll jedi vance now. Senate candidate jd. Vance is one of the top senate candidates at least according to polls rising. He's got a lot of very powerful people behind him. Not a lot of which by the way or not all of which are full on full conservatives. he's got some silicon valley support but jd. Vance is a senate candidate to replace rob portman who is retiring and is not running for reelection here in the state of ohio again in which i reside so i will cast votes in this election. Jv vance's campaign account was suspended from twitter. Twitter is not now just censoring conservative individuals. Like you know the former president of the united states now. They're actually practicing. Election interference the campaign account for jd. Vance was suspended without any rhyme or reason offered. You just can't have a place on twitter anymore. They're still trying to find out why. To my knowledge they have not found out why. But it's an issue. It's a massive issue. Free speech the ability to communicate the ability to use modern tack. Everyone else's using modern tack in campaigning. All of that now is up in the air.

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