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My name is ed crasnick. I'm your co host. My co host the great jennifer kalari on shortly and today we have a really great conversation with an old friend and terrific comedian. One of the best working today. Eddie pepe tone. And i have a great conversation with that. He pepito and we always have great conversations. We decided to record this one for posterity. So eddie pepe tongue coming up jennifer kalari coming up. We are the show that unites of mental health and comedy. We also practice resilient skills practice skills of wellbeing because mental health is a practice. And that's the last thing. I'm going to say that refers to that it is a practice like basketball is practice and i'm about as good with mental health as i am with basketball so All of that bouncing along very shortly and we're gonna talk with jennifer about how to change the direction of your brain. We can rewire our brain while i can rewire my brain is all about me And we're gonna talk about that. And i'm also writing a musical about rewiring the brain called. Do you mind kidding. Well kind of kidding. There was a great episode of ted lasso. I don't know if you watch that show but it's really entertaining and it's also. I think that the character is becoming so popular because you have a humane character. Highly optimistic helping other people. And now you're starting to learn about all the other stuff that goes on underneath with him and with the other characters on the show and i think it kind of fits with our guest today i as i said i had a real really good conversation with my friend eddie. Pepe tone one of the funniest people really as a very dark sense of humor and he also has a very spiritual side and social awareness about the screwed up systems. That control our country. So that's all coming up. I loved it. All of that exists in the same person and in his performance in his writing So that's really great. I love that conversation and today's show is brought to you by the mental health. Comedy plus network. You can't have a network unless you have a plus after the name you cannot to law and of course on the network coming up for the fall season a couple of really good shows. I want to highlight projects. Flip this spouse is coming up. And this is where couples rebuild their relationships with fabulous challenges specific challenges to couples. Like the. maybe you could list to me for five seconds challenge and the. I knew i do not snore challenge. And obviously you're the problem challenge. It's all hosted by diy diy therapists and a team of renovation coaches flip this spouse and a new movie southern discomfort. A new family movie about a widowed veterinarian. Who falls in love with the local gas station owner. Who finds out that his family on the most slaves in the united states southern discomfort. We always like to welcome listeners. No matter what emotional state in here now are emotional shoutouts. If you respond to yourself in the mirror by saying what are you. Looking at. Welcome if your. Gps refuses to talk to you. Welcome if you think.

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