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I mean i would probably fall asleep during some of them. Maybe nope you can't end. They would know because they've they're monitoring your fit bit Okay yeah i and you have to fill out this survey. Give them your information and get their money's worth. You should be the person to do this so this is going to get you on a mailing list right. Oh yeah oh yeah. They're they're trying to. This is a new business. Look at the people like pam and they like boy thirteen hundred dollars this you know who actually gets this job because i feel like these types of things always show up so a company could get us job more like winning. Yeah it's like maybe they factored all this money that's going into it as like winners and it's all lottery but yeah i don't know tyson. This is how you should build up your mailing list where it's like start the foreleg like hey. Would you like to pick up tyson at the airport. You just fill out this survey and tell us all of your information and then sell that to everyone. All the information you get

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