Interview With Patrick Bangert of Samsung SDS

AI in Business


So patrick i'm glad to be able to have you with us on the program here today and we're gonna be talking. Ai at the edge particularly in the world of medical devices. Which is i know where a lot of your focus is here. We're gonna get into some of the unique challenges of leveraging data and ai at the edge in the medical space. But i want to talk first. About what kinds of products. We're talking about people think medical devices. Okay well medtronic is tracking my blood sugar on the side of my arm and you know. Then i've got a big cat scan machine kicking around over here. What kind of devices does your work involve with. And and his edge relevant From your experience. Thank you for having me on the show pleasure to be here. We are dealing with medical imaging devices. So if you have a smart watch on your wrist. That's not what we deal with. Even though those are very useful of course to measure your exercise and sleep patterns we're dealing with technologies like an ultrasound and mri is not an x ray. And what's called digital pathology which is where a biopsy is removed and put on a microscopic slide. Those kinds of technologies produce images that are relevant to telling you whether you're sick at all hopefully not or if you are what kind of disease it is. And so the job of computer vision in this case is to detect whether is a disease diagnose what it is to find out where it is to find out how big it is advanced in if cancer stage one. Three how advanced it is. And all of these outputs can of course be created. Virtually instantaneously by executing artificial intelligence models at the edge and the edge in this case is the device itself. Yeah okay so. Some devices are huge. Mri scanners take up a whole room. As some devices are quite small ultrasound. Machines view could transport it in your suitcase and so there's obviously also price difference here but nonetheless. All of these technologies do produce an image that that is then analyzed by

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