Jurassic Park (MM #3830)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. I'm sure you've seen one of the Jurassic Park movies or even read the book many years ago, but it looks like a similar situation to Jurassic Park could becoming a reality, not necessarily a theme park, but there are some scientists who want to bring back woolly mammoths. Now it's not really going to be a woolly mammoth. They're going to use woolly mammoth DNA and mix it with African elephants to create kind of the chain between the two. They're the closest living specimens to a woolly mammoth that's been gone for what 3000 years, they're claiming this new woolly mammoth type creature could help reverse climate change. Is it a good thing that we want to try to take, recovered DNA and mix it with a current animal to create a new breed of animals? Yes, it could be very good thing, or it could be just like the movie Jurassic Park, a very scary thing. It's only in the talking stages right now and we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars to do that. But to bring back the woolly mammoth, something we've never seen just in museums could be happening.

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