School Spirit (MM #3826)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason now it's been a long time since I was in high school, never having kids, what goes on in the world of high school athletics hasn't really affected me that much throughout the years, of course, now I've got an easy nephew in high school, both playing sports, and so I have attended some sporting events, golf, and football so far. And the one thing I'm seeing with all of these events are themed days and nights, meaning you're supposed to dress a certain way when you come to the game. Back in my day, high school was blue and white, either were blue you were white. Every now and again, there was a blackout night where everybody wore a black T-shirt or something like that. But now, there's Hawaiian. There's preppy. There's white out there's this, there's crazy to me. Every single game, home or away, no matter what the sport all has some kind of fan theme. Whatever happened just wearing the school colors and just trying to intimidate with the school colors. I'm kind of confused or maybe I'm lost or something's changed along the way. I know we have to encourage all these kids and get into the spirit and get into the hype. But I'll be honest with you. I can't imagine what the wardrobe costs are just to go to a game these days. All these themes gotta be tough on the kids.

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