FTX Teams up With Steph Curry & Tom Brady

Crypto Current


Tom brady and his wife giselle whose last name i can't pronounce ages caught a bag. I got twenty million dollars or doing like a minute and a half commercial for. Which is you know. Major crypto exchange. But besides that steph curry was involved. And i think this was wednesday is when it was announced that he was going be partnering up with fda as well so to the biggest names in american sports right now. Hoppy on the crypto. Y'all crypto hype train and doing it with fda access has been making waves all year. Long as steve. If you remember. But the my hand miami heat's at arena. I guess arena stadium. Basketball arena will now be the fda arena A major east boards organization at tsn. They actually sold away their naming rights so their official name is actually. Tsm teac now. Now this is all within the last six months. This is the happening so wild times are fda and big moves as well.

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