Is the COVID Vaccine Helping or Hurting the Virus?


Why should we agree to a vaccine mandate at all. Well we shouldn't. And i mean we need to have a real conversation of whether or not vaccine is actually contributing to the spread of the virus and just look at the data the more vaccinated. We become more all of a sudden people. Become infected is the vaccine slowing the spread or is it earning the spread. That's a legitimate question. Let's stop it because people are gonna go crazy. Media matters pay attention little. What's his name boo typing. If you talk to real virologists not politicians tell you. Every virus has a life cycle. It's like a bell curve and they need to burn out and what your saying could in fact be the scenario that these experimental vaccines are delaying the viruses capacity to burn out in the population. That's what you're talking about correct. That's right yeah. Just as a objective analysis which country is doing better sweden or israel which one has embarked on a mass inoculation strategy. Israel did as much of vaccines and in seventy eighty percent of the population. They did a booster shots. They did lockdowns mass. Everything and their case per population is much higher than that of sweden. Back open for business. That's right yeah. And of course had the most mature response to the virus back in last year. They did a little bit of lockdowns last summer and a little bit last winter. I wish they wouldn't have lockdown off idea and they actually don't help at all epidemiologically but way way more mature response than israel. Much more prudent and so. Yeah that's the real question is are the vaccine helping or hurting. No one wants to say no one wants to talk about it. And the cdc has now changed. The definition of what a vaccine is no longer says that it will inoculate you against the potential transmission of you getting a virus. It will help you fight the virus. That's called the treatment

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