Episode 229 The Brood - burst 17

The Moratorium


That creature looks a little smaller. And they talk about it immediately saying well it doesn't have any genitalia. Okay thank god. We have spared that. Do not want another billy. Barty buffalo. Shot billy barty buffalo shy. I'll man the t shirt right before they were filming this scene. Where they're getting the creature together. Like oh you want it nude but Yeah well we don't really. We can't get away with showing this delicious. Removing it to say that it doesn't have any tell ya. I mean i think it's creepy or that way that it's not doesn't look i mean it does look like a little alien you know. It looks like the little thing on Tales tells from the dark side or whatever took a little ghalem kind of thing. Yeah i guess. All got a weiner. I assume andy circus with a ping pong on his own.

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