FBI Releases Declassified 9/11 Document after Biden Order

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The biden administration has declassified a sixteen page f. b. i. report on the links between saudi citizens in the united states and two of the nine eleven hijackers. The is the first to be disclosed since president biden ordered a declassification review but it offers no evidence at the saudi government was complicit in the attacks. The release came after ceremonies were held across the nation to mark the twentieth anniversary of the attacks as npr's taped mr reports. There was solemn music the reading of victims names and junior eddo mirrow abide in speeches. Gordon felt the brother of edward felt a victim of the crash of united flight. Ninety three spoke at the ceremony in shanksville september eleventh was not a singular event but a date that marked a cultural paradigm shift in our country and for freedom loving people across the globe. President joe biden participated in events at all three

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