Biden's Botched Afghan Exit Is a Disaster


One of the great beltway. World-weary nobody bremmer called me. Partisan yesterday for speaking the absolute truth that this is all on one hundred percent. Joe biden the simpering leftist. Appeasement crowd has been out saying that. This is not joe. Biden's fault it's donald trump's fault. Mike pompeo sign that agreement. Mike pompeo was on fox. news yesterday. laying down the complete and utter and perfectly persuasive rebuttal to that nonsense seven months in office. They've been there seven months to have kept the twenty five hundred american soldiers. Five thousand nato troops in american airpower that we had agreed to keep their until an agreement had been negotiated between the afghan government and the taliban on power-sharing which foresaw anticipated a partition of the country into taliban zones and into free zones totally overrun. You got a week ago. By the way in konduz very well documented in the washington post and a report that i linked at hughhewitt dot com on my twitter account. But let me read to you. The wall street journal editorial president biden's statement on saturday. Washing his hands of afghanistan deserves to go down as one of the most shameful his history by commander in chief at such a moment of american retreat as the taliban closed in on kabul. Mr biden's in a confirmation of us. Abandonment that absolves himself of responsibility deflected blame to his predecessor and more or less invited the taliban to take over the country with that statement of capitulation the afghan military's last resistance collapsed taliban fighters captured kabul president. Ghani fled the country. While he was frantically tried to evacuate americans the jihadist us toppled twenty years ago for sheltering osama bin laden will now fly their flag over the us embassy building on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven.

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