25 Million Liberals Who Favor Socialism Should Donate Everything to the Government


Liberals in the country. Regular listener. Mind this guy Brian, who's been emailing me from years. Former Wall Street. I've been very smart, liberty oriented, dude. He emails me a lot, and he sent me some numbers, and he's right. There's probably At least 25 million radical leftists in the country. So why don't all 25 Million of you show us how much you hate capitalism and love socialism, forfeit away your property, sell your property and then just donate the money to the government on the Treasury's website. You can do it. There's nothing stopping you from doing it because I'm sure you think your big daddy government from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs will take care of you and you'll get the money back. And why don't you do us this favor so we can all be assured you're not a phony and a fake and a Fried. Why don't you post the canceled checks? Because we would really love to see that post the canceled checks the check you wrote to the Treasury on Facebook or whatever Screw tube whatever communist platforms you love to use. Why don't you post the canceled checks on there and lead by example? That would be a powerful statement, wouldn't it? 25 million radical leftist Americans who swear they believe in socialism and hate capitalism. And one of the tenants of capitalism is the freedom to own private property. If they all sold their private property. That would be quite a donation that could add up to potentially hundreds of billions of dollars. You could make a real dent. Why don't you do it? Because you won't because your phone ease or you just don't know anything, you know? I told this story in the past soap.

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