A highlight from EPISODE #7T4 'Fidgert Takes A Trip!' The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Before we can begin to tell you the story of what fidget has been up to all of season seven. We must i actually go back to the beginning of the end of season. Six or you see the start of fidget season. Seven story takes place moments before the beginning of episode number six thirteen where we find evil mastermind. Dr steve and his sock shaped assistant figured skulking around the front door of dr floyd some oratory. Now listen up louis. Dr grant and chips will be back from the world's most brilliant scientists to was at any moment we must act quickly. If my plan is going to work my plan is that i'm going to return the time and space travel device here to dr lloyd. Yes i'm going to return it. But you see you find suck shape little buddy. I'll going to steal back that way. Dr floyd will think that i don't have it anymore. When i really do have it. And we'll be able to plunder all history unfeted from the bonds of being chased by dr lloyd. That's the easy part fidget. You're going to steal it. Back by hiding inside. Dr floyd's the tori you'll get inside the same way you always get inside a locked door through the mail slot. We don't have time to argue. The episode is about to begin getting the mail slot and after i return the time and space travel device. Swipe it back then make time jump and meet me at three pm at the rendezvous point. Yes the saddle river public library now. No more talk get in the mail slot who stopped and with this procedure put into practice. We began episode number six thirteen then in the closing moments of that very same episode the more perceptive of our patrons now realize that voyager did indeed steal back the time and space travel device and make time jump to the rendezvous point. The saddle river public library. Dr steve was nowhere to be found. Of course we know. what figure. Doesn't that dr. Steve had become trapped with dr lloyd. In the world of classic literature. Vigil was all set to wait for whatever length of time. It was going to take until. Dr steve arrive. Then he remembered that with the time has device he had all the time in the world so we decided to make a little time jump for himself and this is why we now find featured in philadelphia and the year. Seventeen thirty three where he's been for the past two weeks learning to play chess and speak italian with none other than benjamin franklin chirp rate. Yeah well you have one again my small friend or should i say bravo benny fatto. No as per our agreement you must challenged me to a task which i will learn more italian. Okay now shelby memorizing destructive pronouns. Or shall i be voice to translate some documents from english to italian. Hamlet's soliloquy you offered up of mighty challenge indeed my friend but it's a challenge. I'm more than ready to set upon completing all right now. Shall we play another game. Be going oh yes. Nearly three o'clock time via daily walk. Where do you hit off to every day. Three back to the subtle river place to meet up with your boss. Well it's been fortunately for me that he never shows up. I dread the day does daily just games over these past few weeks and made me not only a better player but a better speaker of i well if your boss does meet you and you go back to work. Do you think you'll be maybe venturing back this way again. If you don't come back today you'll be back in seventeen eighty three well. Let's fifty years from now. Well as i've always said employer time well if minister get leisure you you my friend. Things planned out very far in advance. Indeed really if you don't return today l. In seventeen eighty three but topi surprised by memory of us to bit fifty. Years is a long haul. I'll probably have very poor vision in seventeen eighty three. Why i bet. I'll i'll have to invent some sort of site aid. Even help me see the chessboard. Down here where. I'll keep the home fires burning for you. That's an idea. Well i wish you safe travels fidget. May journeys never wind up in checkmate and with that featured exited. Ben franklin's house and made a time jump back to settle river city in the rendezvous point to meet dr. Steve will be back from the world of plastic literature when fidget arrives. If dr steve has returned will he be mad that featured has made time jumps without him and just one is ben franklin thinking now that richard has left you boy. I shoot could go for a hotdog. I now next time on the radio. Adventures of dr flowing episode. Never seventy four of the radio. Adventures of dr floyd start chuck mccann benjamin franklin. Www dot chuck mccann dot net music for this episode by jodi white sides www dot jody. White sides dot com. This episode was written by grant pachuco and recorded at dr floyd studios in beautiful downtown burbank. California get your parents permission. And call our voicemail line at area code eight one eight three three two three zero five three episode number seventy four of the radio adventures of dr floyd is copyright two thousand nine dr floyd industries. Llc all rights reserved lia the airwaves. clear the airwaves. It's now time for dr floyd's imagination nation ranger's secret message for you members of the dr floyd imagination nation remember kids only official radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation. Rangers can zip code. Dr floyd secret message with the secret dakota ring available only from www dot imagination ranger dot com. All right. grab your secret. Dakota rings a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember dr floyd. He is counting on you. And here is the radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation. Ranger's secret message for episode number. Seven t four figured takes a trip twelve one three seventeen six twenty three eighteen seventeen to one seven fourteen. 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