Interview With Model, Actress, Dancer, Activist, Leyna Bloom

Asian Enough


So you're a dancer. A model an actor an activist. You were the cover model on. The sports illustrated swimsuit cover It's a famous pop cultural institution. But it's one that's historically been seen. I think in the mainstream through a straight male gaze and in this year's edition there was like an intentional effort to celebrate an inclusive spectrum of women. And i think i understand you shot it before you learn. You made the cover along with tennis player. Naomi osaka and rapper meghan stallion. But what were your hopes going into the shoot and what did you want to convey images. Well anything that i do sense. Being in these spaces of representation is fairly new to argos system. All around the world. I think for me. It has to be some type of cultural shift. Has the part of something that is not just based around vanity orc gluttony. It has to be something that has a message in yes. I have beaten suit on. Yes i'm in. My muslim informed bites what i stand for. And why i was chosen to be part of the issue and then be on the cover was because of what i wanna do with everything i do in the bible being In the past a lot of the models are beautiful. Yes what is a story what is fighting for. What are they really rooted and makes them who they are. And the reason why. I've gotten up to this. Point is not because meek just being beautiful. It's me fighting the system it's me. I'm being blacklisted. It's me saying no. I don't wanna do. This is saying it's not what you say. Yes you is what you say no to that builds character. So what we doing. And what i do with this issue is to invite people who think differently. And that's why i was session for a moment winning a transient on the cover. Because are every single. Day being brutalized murdered sexualize. Harass already has been thirty three on some of cases of trans women especially of color being murdered in america so when that is happening society is imperative in his responsibilities to have moments like

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