Fernando Tatis Jr, Mike Trout And Bryce Harper discussed on The Situation with Michael Brown

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Except when he's playing against your team with Fernando Tatis Jr back. It will be especially interesting if he plays in the outfield much in this series. Yeah, You're right, Jack. It's uh it's a talent that you know we haven't seen in a long time, right? I mean, Bryce Harper, Uh, came Mike Trout for sure. And now this young man, right? You know, they all around player right there. I mean, the the mic stands there and judge modern Day power, but but the staties talent jacket You know, a premium position at shortstop the run to throw the power the batting average is there now It's going to be interesting to see how it looks in the outfield, trying to save that left shoulder. Jack. It's been Been injured twice this year three times and I think he was going back to spring training. The Padres are going to keep them healthy, but it's going to be an interesting look here the next six weeks to follow this And I wouldn't call it an experiment. I mean, this is, uh you know, I think of a prudent position change to try to keep this guy on the field for this year, And then there's probably a surgery coming in the off season, but If anybody can handle this quick transition, it's Fernando Tattoos. All right, buddy. Good luck tonight. Thanks to

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