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Space. Tourists return to Earth. I'm jokes Europe, Fox News for space Tourists ended their trail blazing trip to orbit with a splashdown in the Atlantic off the Florida coast. There's SpaceX capsule parachuted into the ocean just before sunset, not far from where their chartered flight began three days earlier. The Kennedy Space Center inspiration for on behalf of SpaceX, Welcome home to Planet Earth. Your mission has shown the world that spaces for all of us and that everyday people can make extraordinary impact in the world around them. Thank you for sharing your leadership, hope can and prosperity and collaborations. The only amateur crew was the first to circle the world without a professional astronaut. And it was the first splashdown in the Atlantic since Apollo nine in 1969 police in Florida, Spending the day searching for 23 year old Brian Laundry who is now missing laundry is a person of interest in the disappearance of girlfriends. Gabby Petito while they were on a cross country trip. This is really turned into a two part investigation. On the one hand you've got Authorities searching for Gabby Petito out west. And now you've got several agencies searching for her boyfriend, Brian Laundry,

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