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Your skin is your story. Tell it with vassil. Lean learn more at vassily dot com. Hey everyone it's meghan trainor. And our big bro ryan and we're starting a podcast. It's called working on it and we're working on bettering ourselves overall as human beings. Listen you're just going to get a behind the scenes. Look at our lives. We're just regular people. Just regular people in hollywood and we're going for it. Episodes drop every wednesday. And we can't wait for you to listen. Iheartradio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see why. Listen to working on it on the iheart app or wherever you get your podcasts. Well time now guys for today's strawberry letter and if you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry. Letter to steve harvey. Fm dot com and click submit strawberry letter. We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. Yeah that's jay could be yours. You never know it'd be another know. Buckle up and hold on tight we got it for you here. It is strawberry letter. Thank you subject. Vengeance is mine. Your stephen shirley i was married for seven years and i'm almost divorced. My husband and i didn't really know each other as well as we should have before we got married and we had argument on a daily basis. I became bitter over his lack of attentiveness and he was tired of living with a crazy. Beat those were his exact words. The day he filed for divorce. He told me. I am a terrible in bed. Teased me for gaining a few pounds and said he's been miserable for seven years. I'm slightly heavier when we got married. you know when we got married but he gained almost fifteen pounds. There's a lot when you're that's the love when you're only five eight. He loves to argue and debate over any and everything. I got tired of it and was relieved that he has the guts to filed for divorce. We have lots of mary. Friends and our circle and most of them were my friend before i met and married him. We had a huge blow up one night in front of our friends and he blurted out a lot of things. I had said to him incompetent about certain people. The most damaging thing he said is what i told him about my best friend marriage she and her husband hookup with their nanny and took her on vacation with them. I couldn't believe he had stopped who he had stoop that low and because of my close friend and all the other couples immigrant chose to remain friends with him and they that stunned me. They stunned me. I've heard that they have secret. Get togethers without telling me. It breaks my heart that he got away with this. I want the group to know all about the weird dirty things. I had to do to him. During sex over the years his boys will definitely think twice about hanging with him after that he made me miserable or far too long. Should i seek revenge or let it go and move on without him and them. Wow well i think there's your answer right there at the bottom of it. You don't need revenge for seven years. You've been miserable. He's been miserable. And there's your answer you said it move on without him and them period. My answer won't be long steve. This relationship has been toxic for both of you for a very long time and you heard with your own ears that he really cares. Nothing for you Why else would he say in front of your friend. The ones you introduced him to what you told him in confidence in secret about the other mary couple. And no these are not your friends Not anymore they took his side. They abandoned you so you should be too happy to say good riddance to all of them boy by okay. Let's it steve. Well that's it. I like the response. Yeah so all of them do now is read you this lead it and show you why this marriage has gotten there is no salvaging this this is unfixable nor should you even want to fix them all right here we go. I've been married for seven years. And i'm almost divorced right there. That's a good clue that it's over. Thank you mazar. Y'all ain't know each other when y'all got married he let me just go down. The list of everything is wrong. We are on a daily basis. I became bitter over his lack of attentiveness team paying attention the he said he was tired of living with a crazy. Beat y'all following this letter. There's nothing good happening here. She said dole to his exact words day. He filed for divorce. He was hold in that for seven years. He told me here we go again number one. I'm terrible in base. That's never good. Then he said you gained the food few pounds and then he said he'd been miserable for the whole seven years. Well i mean that's a true statement of your dog every day. you better. he thank you crazy. And y'all ain't good in the sack together. That's seven years of straight misery. This she said. I'm slightly heavier than whom we got married. But he's gained almost fifteen pounds. And that's a lot when you only five nine. Five eight nine lead to louis. Shout fat but he don't see that because he's so busy throwing mud on you but that's what they do something wrong with you. They try to dirty you up more than i am but then his other part this relationship is over. I was relieved that he had the guts to file for divorce. Oh my god this is out. This is a free out head to you. By god through the louis shell fat me. God works in mysterious ways and he used the problem. You have in your life to provide a solution. Your problem is the louis shell fatman. Put the little shot. Fatman came in with the solution. Oh man it. Don't get no better than this. Don't you know how joyous and wonderful occasion it is young when you'll problem becomes solution. Oh to be in a relationship with somebody

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