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All right time now for the co chief. Love officer steve harvey at the ready here. We go this one is from sheba in mobile she writes. I'm thirty seven years old and my husband will be forty and december. He wants a fortieth birthday party. But i already have a big surprise plan for him and it's so expensive that i won't be able to afford my surprise and a big expensive birthday party. I plan to get breast implants for him and have all worked out by telling him. I'm visiting my mom for a week that way. I can heal without him seeing me. I don't want him to be disappointed. So do i tell him what i have planned and let him decide what he wants. You know. that's an interesting thing. Because wow i don't know that's a that's a tough one. I actually think cut. She does have a real problem now. The big birthday party will be a memorable occasion but in new bristow can be life changing for her or him but is interesting because a bit of what you're doing you saying for him but you do know it's for yourself and so now that becomes the issue. The man wants a big birthday party. You could tell him and let him decide. I think you should do. You should tell him and let him decide and now. Don't get your feelings hurt when he walked to party and bris 'cause he go both ran. Oh man we asked for big brass on your birthday. But ain't nobody turned down now. He did what up. And i don't know how long it take the heal from that. But when you come back you gonna come back just in time for the birthday. I don't understand what you're going to do but you gotta think that out a little bit. I would present the option to him. Because i don't think if you want and still have the party that she do one right there anyways gonna take more than a week at mom's to heal. That's all right moving on be gone. Erica in saint. Louis says i'm a newlywed and living with my husband is a challenge. He lived with his parents until we got married and his mom did everything for him and his dad. He loves the home cooked dinner almost daily. So i wanna keep him happy. The only issue is that he doesn't eat leftovers. If i suggest that we eat leftovers he orders food to be delivered. He's done it more than a few times and he never asked if i want anything is twenty seven and he should know better. Should i start cooking just for myself to get back at him. Wow y'all already already ain't even ran into a major problem yet. That's what's really. I don't really see this lasting at all and this y'all find some other ones because right now you you get back mode all repair move and get back mogo and get you divorce court. Y'all need to start trying to figure out some Some conflict resolution ways of solving y'all's issues. This is a small and all your method is to get back at him. He is being selfish. And you do need to talk to. You made us a selfish mama's boy. You got a couple of problems so but i do think you need to talk. Fairtrade in a heartbeat warm-up. Cain was good chicken. I date so good all right. We'll get it the next day. That all right moving on ginger in arlington virginia says my twenty year. Old son is dating a girl that is twenty two years old and she to advance for my son. Her parents are wealthy and she drives inexpensive car and whereas designer this and that i am a single mom and i've taught my son how to treat a young lady but this girl runs the relationship. She buys them things he can't afford and she tells them what's where when they go out. I don't want my son to feel like less than a man because he's not in control. Well this type of relationship ruin him for other women girl. You need to manual damn business. You don't understand be a witness said it best. My free they feel. Is there appointed duty. They keep trying to tell me that are not liquid. just use me But brother if you only knew viewed wish that you were in my shoes all so just keep on using me until you use meal dave. If you could find that for me that

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