A highlight from Big Brother 23 | Week 11 Double Exit Interview

Rob Has a Podcast


You rob. They're excited to be here. We've got an exit interview to check out us not an exit interview but an axa exit interview coming up here today so We have not yet gotten anything from hannah yet. if he comes in as we are recording we'll play it later in the show We will Lead things off with tiffany and of course if you want the full spoilers on the h. o. h. And everything from overnight you could hear that in the live feed update but i have a feeling people are going to want to check out this exit interview and what we've been doing here on the patron. Qna is we play the exit interview up. I turn that part of the show into a podcast. And then we'll get to our patron callers and give everybody a moment or two to call in with the link we send out on the patriots. first off. it's aaron. How you doing after the double eviction last night doing well now neck.

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