Eating Plant Based to Heal Your Heart With Non-Invasive Cardiologist Dr. Robert Ostfeld

Plant Strong


Love for you to share with with our audience. You've said that this is. This is probably the most powerful form of medicine that you know. Outside of you know some sort of an acute injury that you know needs yield like a gunshot wound or something like that can you. Can you speak to that like you. Eat this way to to heal your heart and what happens and as what are some of the bonuses that happened when you start eating this way short so i mean the kinds of benefits that we see our heart tremendous and so You know became plant based and You know i started this way myself as well. Because i'm like it's going to be good. Probations presumably will be good for me. Also like why not do that But for our patients the versus kind of anecdotal because we were just starting out and getting our feet lap and we were seeing patients who now mind you. These were also using medications and procedures. Necessarily those things are also important. It's really all of the above to protect people but we we're seeing people have their blood pressures. Come down very quickly with have more typical. I'm never i. And they would switch to almost exclusively are exclusively ace and their blood. Pressure's blood pressure would come down. And oftentimes two weeks. After day would start eating this way. I would get a phone call a message that you know patients. So and so's lightheaded now and and what that was was that they were healing themselves so much. They didn't need as many blood pressure. Lowering felt so we started peeling off. What pressure lowering foes in actually like. Sometimes they call the primary care. Doctor may not know as much at the time about basic tradition. They would tell the patients that go back eating how they were before to have more salt. I mean it was like one eighty eliane anyway. So we so we would see that we would see cholesterol fall a lot and usually wouldn't recheck it for like three months because like you know. See them or wouldn't check in like a week later but after like three months we would see. Ldl bad cholesterol not uncommonly. Come down twenty thirty percent and people which is great. And that's kinda like the same level that you would see with a load of staten and no there's randomized controlled data to support

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