Hurricane Ida Slams Louisiana, Forces Mississippi River to Reverse Flow

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One of the most powerful storms to ever hit the. Us made landfall over the weekend. Hurricane ida directly hit port fouchane louisiana with one hundred and fifty mile an hour winds flooding rain in life threatening storm surges. That were more than seven feet above normal. The storm ripped the roofs off homes businesses and at least one hospital it snapped trees and power lines flooded streets and left more than a million electricity customers in the dark. In fact the entire city of new orleans lost power the winds were so strong they reverse the flow of the mississippi river near new orleans something the us geological survey calls extremely uncommon only four stronger storms in history of ever hit the mainland. Us and as of early this morning hurricane ida has weakened a little but it is still packing hurricane strength as it moves inland tornado. Watches have also been issued for parts of louisiana mississippi alabama and florida. For a lot of people this is all too familiar ida hit on the exact same date as historically devastating hurricane katrina sixteen years ago. I came ashore about forty five miles west of where katrina first struck land but the area was more prepared. This time since katrina hit newer stronger more sophisticated levees were built to hold back storms. Like this and it seems they've been able to hold up this time much better than the ones that failed following katrina more than eighteen. Hundred people died after katrina. This time. it's too early to know what the human toll may be. Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated ahead of hurricane ida but not everyone got out so there are twenty one search and rescue teams from about fifteen different states ready to find survivors as soon as the storm calms down the federal emergency management agency or fema also sending more than two thousand emergency workers hundreds of extra ambulances and millions of meals and leaders of water. We should also get a better idea of the overall damage. Once the sun comes up

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