The History of US Presidential Transportation


First us president of any sort to fly in an airplane was theodore roosevelt. It was rather short flight as airplanes at the time didn't have a very long range and it was probably one of the more dangerous. Flights ever attempted by president sitting or former come over after this short sightseeing flight. Us presidents didn't do any flying. It would be another thirty three years before an actual sitting. Us president would get on an airplane. The first airplane designated for presidential use was purchased in nineteen thirty three it was a douglas dolphin amphibious aircraft and it was operated by the us navy as there was no air force at the time. The co name. It was given was r d two. It could seat four passengers and there was a small sleeping compartment. The interior was custom made for presidential use with leather seats. It was stationed at the anacostia naval airbase in washington. Dc until nineteen thirty nine and during that time it was never once used by the president to be fair. Fdr was in a wheelchair and getting in and out of an airplane especially a small amphibious plane was probably something that he wasn't keen to do however he did eventually take a flight the very first airplane flight by a sitting. Us president took place on january. Eleventh nineteen forty-three when franklin roosevelt flew on. The dixie clipper was a commercial boeing. Three fourteen clipper which was operated by pan. Am he flew fifty five hundred miles to the casablanca conference in morocco to meet with winston churchill and charles de gaulle. The flight was done in three stages any flu rather than took a ship because it was considered safer than risking german u boats in the atlantic after the trip the army air force didn't want to rely on commercial airlines for presidential transportation. They proposed the president. Use a modified. C eighty seven liberator express heavy bomber. The plane was dubbed the guess where to when the secret service reviewed the safety record of the plane. They rejected it. For presidential use. The plane was used for carrying the first lady. Eleanor roosevelt however on a trip to latin america. But it never carried the president. The secret service then approved a douglas. C fifty four skymaster which was a transport plane used in the war. It was named the sacred cow ended. Had sleeping quarters are radiotelephone and a lift for getting roosevelt in and out of the plane in his wheelchair. The only time you used it was to travel to the yalta conference in february of nineteen forty five. This plane is on display at the museum. At the wright patterson air force base outside dayton

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