Saint Anthony Fauci Loses His Halo Over 'Gain of Function' Contradictions


Saint fouled. She has lost his halo over a year. The media has hailed the kindly scientist grandfather as some sort of infallible. Holy figure but now there's new reporting records obtained by the intercept that cast series doubts on fallacies insistence the no. Us money went to gain a function research. Now you understand. Gain of function research is where scientists manipulate viruses often making them more transmittable to study their affection develop treatments well foul. She has insisted vehemently angrily remember when he browbeat rand. Paul the nobody's talking about said saint fallacy in may foul. She insisted that the us has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the wound heart institute of variety turns out that according to these records obtained by the by the intercept that appears to be a lie. Last night congressman. Mike gallagher of wisconsin appeared on fox news and spoke to brian kilmeade about this shocking development that casts real doubt on the credibility and yes the reputation of dr anthony fallacy to me confirms what we've known for months which is that foul cheesy lied to us. He lied to congress. He knew that our taxpayer dollars were being administered by his organization to third parties like eco health alliance cooperative research gain of function research at the one hundred. And one question about it. He hid behind a highly legalistic definition. But more to the point he was

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