Remembering Michael K. Williams & His Legacy

Awards Chatter


Today's episode. We remember the magnificent character actor. Michael kenneth williams. Who was found dead on monday of a suspected drug overdose at the age of fifty. Four williams was a five time emmy nominee for best supporting actor in a limited series or tv movie for bessie in two thousand fifteen. The night of in two thousand sixteen and when they see us in two thousand nineteen for best informational series or special for vice in two thousand eighteen. He was an executive producer of the show. And for best supporting actor in a drama series this year for hbo's lovecraft country indeed. Even before his tragic passing he was the favourite to take home. His first statuette on september nineteenth williams also appeared on the sopranos alias. Boston legal happened. Leonard and many other acclaimed. Tv shows as well as in films. Such as two thousand seven's gone baby gone two thousand nine the road and two thousand thirteen twelve years a slave which won the best picture oscar but he was best known for his work on to other. Hbo drama series for which he criminally never was even for an emmy the wire on which he played omar little and boardwalk empire on which he played chalky white the wire which was created by david. Simon is considered by many including me to be the greatest show in the history of television. And he the greatest character on it a gay shotgun-wielding stick up man who terrified even baltimore's most hardened criminals whistling hunting. We will go as he stopped the streets and famously warning one challenger you come at the king you best not miss. The new york times described the character quote one of primetime preeminent anti heroes in a tv era defined by them close quote given this week. Sad news i thought i would resurface an interview that i recorded with williams just over a decade ago. Shortly after the first season of boardwalk empire

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