Joe Biden Pledges Aid to Help States Recover From Hurricane Ida


We're going to cover it all this morning beginning at the white house senior adviser cedric richmond richmond. Thank you for joining us this morning. Let's begin with the devastation. Left by i'd i know you're coming to us from new orleans this morning. You were with president biden on friday. What's the latest on the situation down in your state and what kind of federal emergency assistance will president biden be authorizing. Well we have all hands on deck down here. We issued a priest storm disaster declaration and then in the middle of the night after the storm hit. The president signed a disaster declaration so that freed up individual assistance for families and individuals and we still encourage people to go to disaster assistance dot gov and apply for benefits and especially those critical needs assistance. So that we can get money in the hands of people To do it and one of the reasons why the president wanted to come down and come down so early because he wanted to see things on the ground and we know what the problems on. we're actually Helping to resolve them and that is getting power back on in homes. That's getting gas too. Few stations desk getting tarps out there. So people can start to mitigate their damage. and then it's to to create and provide that assistant so people that do come home after a week of not having electricity to have to replenish refrigerator. And you know most people. Don't think of it in that sense but part of why we're here is we want to know what real people deal with. And that's a four hundred dollar expense. A five hundred dollar expense to replenish a refrigerator. So we wanna make sure that's just a small example of what we're doing but we wanna make sure we're meeting. The needs of people encounter them and let them know. We're going to be here for the long haul

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