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And we return to our American stories and up next, a story from one of the first museums dedicated to Jewish history and heritage in the United States self Agreement Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The museum's archives contain countless oral and written histories of Jews in Georgia and Alabama, and we happened to visit When they were celebrating their 25th anniversary and putting on the hood Spur Exposition. The celebration of Jewish stories from the South. He is our own Monty Montgomery. With a story in Atlanta, Georgia, close to downtown and right next to the Center for Puppetry Arts is the Bremen Jewish Heritage Museum. One of the few museums dedicated to Jewish history in the deep South. Here's Jane Levy, the founding executive director of the Bremen, with more You know the Jewish history in this country. Most people think of as the big cities North and so Southern Jewish history For people who aren't Jewish history scholars is something that I'll see more But how long have Jewish people been in the south and in Georgia? Here's the Bremen's founding archivist, Sandy Berman. But the answer to that question since 17 33 right after Oglethorpe came to settle the colony, Jews were on the next ship, and they were At first, not entirely welcome, the Charter said, And that was only for Christians. But there was a physician on board and there was a an illness going around. And

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