What Makes a Rookie of the Year?


I did some research looking into what really makes a rookie of the year and really three things really came stood out to me. One is opportunity right. You have to actually have minutes significant minutes in a significant role on your team. And if you look over the last couple of years for the rookie of the year race you're going to see that at twenty seven minutes a game seems to be the the threshold that we're looking at for players right now. Two thousand nineteen. It was twenty seven. Point eight doesn't eighteen was thirty minutes a game. And so the first thing that we're we're scouring is is this player going to get significant like starter minutes and a great role on their teams very difficult to crack rookie of the year. No matter how talented you are without those minutes the second key metric is really points per game so in two thousand eighteen. The top three scored. I think sixteen point three points per game two dozen nineteen top three vote-getters for rookie of the year had fifteen point. Three points a game. Twenty twenty was only thirteen points. A game But that was in part because thirty points a game was the third highest gray mark for any rookie about season. And so if you look at the past eight years the winner is was in the top three and usually the top two and scorn for rookies of the year. So not only. Is it going to be minutes but the opportunity to actually score the basketball and does the player have the ability to be a big time scored sort of the next thing that we're gonna look at at it also found that If you go back and sort of look at some of the work that kevin pelton is done at espn Fr- almost every season. The combined averages of points rebounds assists per game when you add those averages together. That's the player that's going to win the ward and then finally You know look when you're looking at rookie of the year. You're not actually talking about the player. That's gonna be the best player in five years if you go back and look at past winters. That's often just not the case. It's it's the player that's can have the most opportunity. I'm to really hit those metrics of scoring Minutes per game and then the sort of combined stats together. That's going to win work the year. And so that's going to change to me. The draft order a little bit about who we're going to handicap again for rookie of the

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