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Crying. They tortured me. They beat me in front of them and tried to make take me to their station. My wife, his wife added. My husband was working with the Americans and Right now. They're not helping us. No, they're not. Time for a look at KSFO traffic from the Children Auto Body Traffic desk, wrapping things up for the Friday morning if you are on highway 1 20 that continues to be slow, westbound west of airports in the antique area because of a crash, they're expected to Main Street name. It slows southbound to 38 down to Alvarado Boulevard. And if you are on Westbound 80 trying to get into the maze. That's a slow ride from Gilman Getaway in Fairfield. Not bad this morning, probably because of the roads up to South Lake Tahoe are still closed. 50 and 88. So the drive on eastbound 80 through Fairfield. Is decent. But northbound 11 is quite congested into Petaluma from Christina of past East Washington, and we still have just a minor delay with the metering lights off of the toll plaza of the Bay Bridge. Back stats. It's time for back stats. If you're young and healthy, you are more likely to crash your car, then have a serious side effect of the Covid 19 vaccine. So get back style visit, vaccinate dot Virginia dot gov. If you thought you missed the lowest mortgage rates

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