Tulum, Mexico - New Home for the Digital Nomad?


Won't places. I always loved the travel mexico. Amazing food amazing. People like so many fun things to do and so today. We're talking about a city. That from what i've heard it's primarily like a playground for the rich and famous. It's called to mexico. I've i've always wanted to learn about it and so it's awesome to be able to have you on the show. No i'm really excited about two may be the other side it to learn that you haven't heard as much about okay right on. So what's your connection to the city so during the whole time. I figured out that. I wanted to go and and move in and try somewhere different worker motley so we looked at places that we were able to really dive deeper into experience the culture but also. I'm a big nature guy and we want to be able to go to the beaches and go to snow taes and get out to the forest and stuff and and to really fit the bill for all of that. It has really everything you would want when you go to place vacation but also if you're looking to go longer term consistently have things to do day in day out and so like when you're working remotely obviously you know. I have a lot of friends. That are like kinda digital nomads. And everything else like that was the there are strong internet connection for you throughout your time while you're there or was it like setup for you'd be able to do that remote work i mean it's incredible out there to be completely honest. It's it's built for people that really want to go out there and actually start building a life out there. There's condos constantly popping up but for the most part restaurants on the beach cafes on the beach and then we had an airbnb that we were able to really improve the internet at and they're really focused on that stuff. You look at airbnb. You look at hotels. A lot of them will will actually include what their internet speed is to make. Sure that you're able to work remotely from there. It's definitely big priority for them. That's also even like when i travel. I'm always like working whether it's on the podcast on my blog or whatever so I love having that high speed internet. No it's crazy. Honestly like i had a lot of friends that would go down to beach clubs for the day and they sit there pay thirty bucks for a beach chair with food and drinks and they work from there the entire day. And it's a really cheap way to be able to get the internet. You need if you're going for a week and you just wanna be able to experience the culture and experience the environment while you're out there as well

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