Lord Conrad Black Discusses the Shameful State of the World


The fact that not only are you. A presidential historian of note appear in the british house of lords am former media. Mogul crossed the atlantic in australia. As well let me ask you your reaction in the correct historic context. What we are witnessing in canada in the uk in australia in america. There's a video. I just two days ago. A woman who is being accosted on her doorstep by the police australia why because on social media she said common protests the lockdowns. Tomorrow i mean just just you know what we are supposed to be able to do in any kind of republic old constitutional monarchy. Have you ever seen the like the spanning the various regions of the commonwealth and the united states. No i i have not I've never seen such income government in the united states. The the american political society is in disgrace. Arrest that and rebuild itself and i. I've never seen such a a a shambles in american government in every field. You know the The this horrifying shambles in afghanistan. Don't worry says the president we still have over the horizon influence whereupon They kill ten innocent people including seven children. I mean i all kinds of things Two hundred thousand people a month oregon over the southern border. I that's never happened. None of it has happened before that. I know and i've been following these things since eisenhart austrailia. I mean i think spoke about this a couple of weeks. You know we all know. The australians are rough tough rugged likeable people as crocodile. Done it hurts. You know they get out there in the back or the great barrier reef or over there aren't they you know they're they're strong. Solid men and strong solid attractive women. But how on earth is it all of a sudden if you put up something on twitter or wherever it was you'll get called upon at your home by the police for inciting disorder because you just invited people size the right of simply to check in arbitrary measure. I can't imagine it happening in australia. It's not the australia. I know

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