Joe Biden Creates an Identity Crisis Within the Progressive Democratic Party


You know. I know how this stuff with brains works. So Biden comes out there has been a career politician, his whole life. He knows how to be a crooked politician. He may not know anything else, but he knows that so they know they can come to him and say, Hey, President Biden. What do we do all he knows exactly how to undercut people. He knows exactly how to lie directly to the camera and say what has to be done even if he's losing track of everything I'm around around him. Now. I'm not saying that To excuse him, and I'm not saying that I don't think that he's evil and nefarious. It's quite the opposite. And I'm saying, I'm saying Joe Biden knows very, very well. That he is doing bad things because he's in a game where you have to influence the balance of power. It's politics, you strong armed people. This is how we do it, and he's been doing it. For half a century. So if anybody knows how to do it, he does. So, Yeah, I think he does things in a ferry ASL E. I think he does things out of muscle memory because he's an old school politician, right? So It comes as no surprise to me that he's now getting criticized by his friends on the left. Because they he's embarrassing their brand. They're supposed to be the progressive brand the brand. It says No, we're doing good things for America, right? If you like your doctor, you can keep them and he says things like Well, you know, I got every legs are blonde and the kids. They put their hand in the pool and they rub them up and down my leg, and I learned about Roaches. And he says all these crazy things that you're like What? What are you saying? Men so Chuck Todd comes out and he says, You know what? Whether it's the border Afghanistan nuclear deals, covid Biden has a big credibility crisis.

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