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Foreign nationals. That are flying to the. Us president biden's cove in nineteen response coordinator. Jeffrey zions made the announcement yesterday travelers. That are coming from thirty. Three countries including china india brazil and most of europe will be allowed to enter if they show proof of vaccination and if they have tested negative for the virus within three days of their flight. Now personally i can only host. One of them and that privilege is reserved at this point for britain's own paddington bear. Continue this conversation in the dmz but the spot is yours. My friend travelers will also have to provide personal information such as a phone number and email address to allow for contact tracing as of now. This does not apply to ground travel from canada or mexico. Non-essential travel from those countries is barred through october. Twenty first. and the new biden policy will replace a patchwork of travel bans that the trump administration implemented in january of twenty twenty. We've been in this for a long time. Decision came on the eve of british prime minister. Boris johnson's visit to the white house. Where johnson was expected to press by lifting the ban and interested in whether or not paddington actually has opposable thumbs and can actually damn you. I don't feel like you can really. I can't answer for him so we'll have to see what happens. Also in cova news advisor. Biotech corona virus vaccine has been shown to provoke a strong immune response and children age five to eleven years old. You're not familiar with science. Speak that is a good thing. Pfizer announced its bindings. Yesterday the company plans to submit its data to the fda by the end of the month so it can get emergency use authorization for the vaccine to be used on this age group. According to the american academy of pediatrics kids now account for more than one in five new cases of cove in nineteen and the delta. Your aunt has sent more children to the hospital in the icu. In recent weeks than any other time during the pandemics if the fda regulatory review go smoothly millions of elementary school children may have the opportunity to get

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