Biden 'Making the Taliban Great Again'? Scott Wagner Thinks So and Put It on Billboards


Brother-in-law reach out to me this morning and he said how do you see this story in fox news. I know the guy who did it. And i said really Well then connect us and he did so. Thank you on the main two brother in louisville full connecting us to a man who understands communications strategic communications former pennsylvania state senator delighted to have him on the show scott wagner welcome to america first after i much benefit. Seeing the fifteen bills you put up around pennsylvania. Ferret is thank you eric. So it's a photograph. I i'm not sure i'll have brian stelter if it's dr not. It is joe biden in a taliban outfit holding an rpg grenade-launcher with the sign making the taliban great again. I dread to think how much those fifteen billboards cost you. God bless you for doing it. Tell us why you did it. Scott while sebastian I have a political background I'm gonna be sixty six years old next week. I've been in business my whole life. This country has been great to me. we live in the greatest country and so to think that That our government our president left. Once i've course cues me Seventy five thousand vehicles five hundred aircraft all the weapons or the mission explosives night-vision equipment that kind of stuff. We left it for the taliban. And now i was actually just on the internet looking at images of over the last several weeks. The taliban soldiers fighters driving and riding in us are armored personnel carriers. Amazing that this is going on and somebody has to step up and say something. So it's mad this what we've done so we have. We have given The taliban in early christmas quite

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