Which should be a well of a football game.


Because we're doing the pregame show. I'm a part of the Fox. Broadcast pregame show. We're going to be live from nine a.m. Central to 11 A.m. central at will be at the Innisfree Bar, which is a really popular bar in Tuscaloosa, which will be filled with Alabama. An old Miss fans, pre gaming getting ready for that college football day you'll be able to come and see me and Buck Ali, our producer will be there. And we're going to have an incredible day going to go to the game game kicks off at 2 30 Central, and I think Buck is going to finish this day and he's going to be like this is the greatest Most fun sporting event that I have ever seen in my life. I really think that I don't think I don't think by like an hour into it. That's what you're going to say before any of the game even happens like by 10 A.m., you're gonna be like, How did I not know that events like this existed? Because I want you to college with 1600 students were the people in the football team. Where my size Yes, That's how I didn't know these things existed. So it's gonna be fun. So you put that on your calendar. If you're in that area, we're going to have an awesome time, but I wanted to hit this. As we start off the second hour of the program I actually saw of all people CNN put this out, Buck.

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