Hillary Clinton Lied to Her Lawyers, Who Lied to the FBI, of a Collusion Hoax


Folks the big deal about this indictment yesterday of this Clinton associated lawyer in the collusion, hoax case, the big deal about it. It's not that they lied. All right, Hillary Clinton lies like you know. How do you know Hillary Clinton lying? Right? You know, the Joker mouth is moving. Hillary Clinton lies about everything. Ellery Clinton would lie about her first and last name if she had. I mean, Hillary Clinton hasn't told the truth about anything of significance. At any point in life. That's not the shocker. Oh, they lied and made up the collusion hoax that Trump was communicating with the Russian bank and a secret server that was all made up that that's not shocking, like I'm sorry. It's not. That's not the surprising part. Hillary lies about everything that's just who Hillary is. She's a loser like she lies about everything. The reason they're in trouble is didn't only lie about it making up Trump's quoting with the Russians on the server, they had a lawyer. A bunch of lawyers passed this information. It appears from his allegations in the indictment had that the person the FBI That that opened up this international investigation about collusion hoax that never had a shred of evidence to it ever now. I've been. I've been reading to you Some of the highlights from the indictment and they are stunning, including that there was a tech executive involved in this scheme to frame Donald Trump. We have a good idea who he is. I mean, really, how big was this conspiracy? The media was involved. I've got highlights of that coming up soon. Do you want to see all the media idiots that got caught propagating this obvious hoax and they got caught willingly, folks. They knew they were lying and making it up the meteor liars. They knew it. Let's not pretend like Oh golly, they just happened to get caught by mistake. Natasha Bertrand Moscow, Rachel Maddow. Wolf Blitzer, Um Jake Sullivan, the current national security advisor. They all got their all recorded digitally recorded forever propagating the Alfa Bank Cox that this Russian bank was the secret back channel for Trump and Putin.

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