Charlie Kirk’s Exclusive Conversation With Donald Trump


Let's listen to my exclusive interview with the forty fifth president. Donald trump audit results route. What are your thoughts while the results are just ridiculous election in so many states not just arizona but in so many safes was false. It was rigged election was stolen. Everyone knows that a lot of writers like talking about it but the real republicans wanna talk about it and you see the kind of crabs we have today the so angry and arizona. Too angry in georgia. They're angry and michigan and pennsylvania. And you know we won most to these say we won florida and records. We won ohio. One all of these states but five or six which is terrible. What happened probably happened in the other two. But you're looking at the same way because you but the the level of the crooked and corrupt politics. I don't think has ever happened to the extent to shame. It's a shame and then destroying country so a lot of republicans are getting in the way of the audit You are the head of the republican party highest approval rating ever for a president. What what's your message to republicans that are in the way of election integrity. What's not allowed of republicans it's a small group of republicans. But you know they're in the right places. They've been there a long time. They want things to be the way it is. They probably have their own deals with democrats. Leave us alone. Who knows what it is you know. Why would somebody not want election integrity. Why would they want a forensic audit in other words. Let's check to see whether or not it's right but they don't do it charlie. It's the level of corrupt nisa level of Political shenanigans gone. You know wisconsin's coming along great. Now they're really into it because they see what's happening and a lot was learned from arizona when the really brave senators from state senators from this state. They went out and they did something. And all of a sudden they started looking. You see. what's happening in georgia georgia. The numbers are unbelievable. What they're finding so we'll see what happens. It's going to be very interesting ballots going through multiple times and it's worse than we ever

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