Affluent Americans Are Retiring as Pandemic Changes Priorities


Interesting societal change going on in America and maybe the world right now, People are retiring and leading jobs in numbers We have not seen before, and it's for a variety of reasons. A recent Federal Reserve survey showed that 2.5 million affluent Americans 55 or older say they plan to retire soon. And the number of people expecting to work after 67 is at a record low of only 33% and two thirds of people say they're going to quit before age 67. This has never happened before. Some of the drivers are affluence. You know you have more money and after the pandemic, you realize that life is short and you want to make the most of it. And a new poll from monster dot com found that 95% of workers are thinking about finding a new job, and they say it's often because of just plain old burnout. Consulting firm. Gartner found that 55% of workers reported experiencing significant burn out over the last 15 months. According to Microsoft's work trend Index, 41% of workers worldwide say they're likely considering switching jobs within the next year and indeed found that 52% of respondents Had reported burnout, with the majority of those polled, saying that their level of burnout has gotten significantly worse during the pandemic.

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