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Been able to do without those three minds coming together and solving a problem is one rather than solving it in isolation and jit New Jersey Institute of Technology Learn MORE AT N J I t dot e d u Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg Com on the Bloomberg business APP and at Bloomberg Quick Take This is Bloomberg Radio. This is Bloomberg. Daybreak Europe. We expect economic activity to accelerate in the second half of this year, you could probably waiting until the autumn for a potential first adjustment. The national approach has been working when it comes to restrictions, the warning that there can't be a national recovery without a London recovery. This relationship between the US and the UK it's strong. It's got very, very deep roots. It'll stay strong. Bloomberg Daybreak Europe on Bloomberg Radio. Good morning from London. I'm Ana Edwards. And I'm Roger hearing in your listening to Daybreak. Europe live on London Digital radio, and we checked the markets for you every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg radio. So let's get straight to that, Shall we? European equity markets, then Roger up by 3/10 of 1%. Not so for the London market fairly flat, actually in London, but elsewhere. We're making some better gains on the major markets to the cat around up by 4/10 of a percent. This after tax up by an eight the first email also up by 2/10 of a percent, and, in fact, the IBEX now joining the footsie and being a little lackluster today, down by 1/10 of a percent over in Madrid, US futures point to something flats are positive up by around an 8% on E Minis, Dow futures and NASDAQ futures pointing higher by around 1/10 of a percent. The S E. Asia Pacific index entirely flat are not giving us a great deal of of momentum as we move into the European session but actually allowing the European session to reflect on to Sort of converging and divergent forces that we have driving things right now. On the one hand, there's a concern around clamp down on so called vice stocks in China that's weighing on the Hong Kong market. There's also concern about the spread of the delta variance in China, and we know the reaction function that that then could prompt from Chinese authorities. So there's concern about growth in China. All of that sounds pretty negative, but that rubs up against what's been a fairly solid earnings season. Four European corporate in a number of European companies upgrading their guidance. And even those in the sectors where they're concerned around Chip supply shortage the messages that they want to be able to produce more so there's a lot of positive narratives coming out of the earnings season. And that seems to be taking the limelight so European equity markets edging higher this morning at the oil price, recovering a little bit from some of its earlier weakness. 70 44 is where we trade on brands up 1/10 of a percent. The U. S 10 year yield. It was down as low as 1.13%, then moved a little higher on some comments that were perceived as a little more hawkish from Clara during the feds were 1 18 on the 10 year yield. Right now, the dollar flat to negative so down by around 10 per cent on the Dollar Index and the Bloomberg Dollar Index the pound little stronger on Bank of England today, Roger Well, speaking of the Bank of England, it is decision day today, and one question will be course which central banks going to be the first to the Taper Trigger? Will Bank of England policymakers seem likely to favour patients? Michael Saunders is set to be perhaps alone dissenting voice. They're calling for an immediate end to the bond buying program. Let's bring ourselves Up to speed because we can go straight to the bank outside the bank. In fact, Bloomberg's UK economy reporter Lizzie Burton joins us now, Lizzie Good morning and thanks for being with us. What are we expecting from the Bank of England today? The drugs are set to dominate. Today. We're expecting a unanimous vote to keep interest rates on hold at North 0.1% and I'm bond buying a 71 split with Michael Saunders. This time, as you say the sole dissenter in favor of ending stimulus early he'll take the hawkish man told that Chief

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