Doctors Are Relying More on Monoclonal Antibodies to Fight COVID


For Covid 19 is showing a great deal of progress. David Begnaud reports from hard hit Louisiana monoclonal antibodies, lab grown proteins that help the body target and eliminate covid infection, according to Dr Thomas Galit, chief medical officer at ST Francis Medical Center in Monroe, Louisiana. They have become the most effective therapy yet has done a great job of helping high risk patients stay out of the hospital. The therapy is becoming more available at hospitals and clinics around the country. But it is only administered after infection within 10 days of the first symptoms and before those symptoms get to severe what type of sickness do you usually say that's too sick to receive if they are having profound oxygen requirements continued high grade beavers dehydration. Since July. The first we've given about 1700 doses. One of those doses went to 42 year old Scotty Johnson. We were there when he got his infusion three weeks ago in Monroe, as Covid was attacking his body. It feels like somebody's choking you. You start coughing, but nothing comes out this week. We followed up with him and we met his wife, Meg. They both got the antibody treatments right around the same time. I just really start feeling good about Three or four days ago, probably, but I feel like I'm like 90% now, while Scotty did not get the vaccine bag did my wife got anybody treatment? On Thursday. I tested positive on Friday. On Saturday, she was back up cleaning the house and doing dishes and like it never even bothered. While the antibody treatments can be effective, they are not a substitute for vaccines, says CBS News Medical contributor Dr David Agus. There's no question the vaccine is better than an antibody. But in the case where your immune suppressed and you can't make a good response to a vaccine, they're lifesavers. So this is an important part of our arsenal. But it certainly is not the only weapon in our arsenal. Vaccines are Front line. No question about it to fight a virus in today's world, and that

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