Author John Zmirak on the 'Global Suicide Cult' of Christianity


John's mirror my friend. Welcome eric it's always going to talk to you. We we've got a lot to talk about. You've written a number of articles as you always do for stream. The stream stream dot org is the web site stream dot org. Everybody should go there every day. Stream dot org pronounce. John's articles scattered them around the neighborhood in one of them. You talk about christianity as a global suicide cult. What do you mean by that well. It's not okay. Christianity is not a global suicide count. Whatever pope francis or your. I won't name any woke evangelical you can fill you can fill in the names. The people who are always shining in an agonizing and trying to make us feel terrible for continuing policies that all our ancestors favorites for instance pope francis says the that is reprimanded victory orbit in hungary the way he reprimanded donald trump in america for not welcoming the stranger all the strangers as many as show up in. Great numbers regardless of the needs of the community. That's expected to welcome them. In other words you have unemployment. You don't need workers. It doesn't matter if people show up you have to admit them and then you have to put the my welfare put them on public assistance and you have to change your school to in their language and you'll have to accommodate their religion even if it entails sometimes terrorism even if it kit entails polygamy even if you have muslim preachers with four wives and twenty two children on public welfare. You have to accept this as the price of christianity.

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