Not Right to Say Only Women Have a Cervix, Says Starmer


So here's this the the head of the labor party in the uk a sir. Nevertheless non the sur not nevertheless in sir moreover we go for kier storm denied that it was correct to saying only women have services. It's something that shouldn't be said. It is not right. Conservative health secretary sajid javid called the opposition leader's remarks a total denial of scientific fact adding and he wants to run the nhs. The national health service. A monday labour's shadow chancellor. Let me explain. What shadow is in the parliamentary government's. That's the person who would be in that position. If that party came to power so the shadow chancellor is rachel reeves struggle to answer whether it was transphobic to say that only women have services. This is a woman responding to the question from. Lbc what's obesity. You know something broadcast inc. So what's the l for london. Lucy reeves initially evaded the question before responding rather flustered when preston game is it transphobic. Look i just. I don't know even how to start answering these questions. I don't find them helpful. The the the woman would be chancellor of the uk doesn't know how to answer the question. The only women have services.

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