Dr. Ryan Cole on Making the COVID Vaccine Less 'One Size Fits All'


Make pretty clear that you don't think getting these vaccines is a great idea. You've made that pretty clear. Give us some basics because there are people out there who just think anybody says that is just flat out crazy. What i've looked at tells me no. It's a very bad idea to get the vaccine. But i'm not a doctor. You are a doctor so tell us well. I think we approached this. Everything's hammer. Everything's a nail. There's a one-size-fits-all approach governmentally nationally. Medically we really need to consider who are the risk groups so are targeted approach should be high risk. Maybe do the vaccines for those individuals. But it's still not without its risks number two contagion control your stay home wash. Your hands masks are incredibly questionable and controversial. But there's no data in the last decades and decades that show in a randomized control trial. They work even the bangladesh study. That just came out if you look at eight zero two thirty no benefit and then number three early treatment and before early treatment and number five early treatment but the vaccines themselves are not without risk. And and we're using this one size fits all approach to all routes and say underage fifty without risk factors ninety nine point nine. Eight percent of people survive the virus with early treatment. Almost one hundred percent. I'm not saying that people aren't going to succumb to the virus but two pound whoops of individuals that are more risk from shot than benefit is scientifically illogical and unethical

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