Ancient Teens Shake Up History of Human Migration

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Twenty thousand year-old footprints discovered in whitesands national park in new mexico could mean humans came to the americas several thousand years earlier than previously thought having to traverse colossal glaciers as they went the findings published yesterday in the journal. Science could completely upend what many thought they knew about humans arrival in north and south america ciprian are delion archaeologist. Who is not involved in the study called it quote. Probably the biggest discovery about the peopling of america in hundred years and quotes first some context from the study authors. In the conversation quote our species began migrating out of africa around one hundred thousand years ago signed from antarctica. The americas were the last continents humans reached with the early pioneers crossing the now submerged bering land bridge that once connected eastern siberia to north america at times throughout the police design age which ended ten thousand years ago. Large ice sheets covered much of europe and north america. The water locked in these ice sheets lowered the sea level allowing people to walk the bridge from asia through the arctic to alaska but during the peak of the last glacial cycle their path south into the americas was blocked by continental wide ice sheets until now scientists believed humans. Only travelled south into the americas. Win this ice barrier began to melt at the earliest sixteen thousand five hundred years ago and quotes. Most archaeologists put the date of humans traveling south into the americas right around that time or even earlier about thirteen thousand years ago. Right at the end of the last ice age primarily based on evidence found from tools and weapons in clovis new mexico the oldest artifacts found which dated back thirteen thousand years but quoting the new york times starting in the nineteen seventies. some archaeologists began publishing older evidence of humanity's presence in north america last year dr dillion and his colleagues published a report of stone tools in a mountain cave in mexico dating back twenty six thousand years and

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