According to the Taliban, They Defeated the United States


Talk about afghanistan. God fa- sekine piece of real estate. it's never functioned. As a modern westphalian nation ever even under the monarchy the nation. That was home to bin laden and his al-qaeda training camps now twenty years after september eleventh is again under the control of our friends let of corrupt politicians that want to play nice with the west like qatar cy but under the control of people who want to kill you yes. The taliban quote unquote the students. The tally ban the students of islam fundamentalists. They don't hate isis. The same breed is. I says isis may want to be in control but they're all fundamentalists jihadis along with al qaeda. Now they have eighty three billion dollars worth of equipment and training that you pay for. And how are they sending that across the muslim world arab and non-arab. We defeated america. We didn't just defeat the ruthless murderous soviet union with its helicopter gunships and landmines shaped like toys to main children. We defeated the greatest station. I'm seth that's how they're selling it than jihadis are flooding back into this

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