The Mentor You Didn't Ask For - burst 05


So you'll understand that the idea of a mentor. Is this a little complicated for me. Not just because of that one experience. But i think early in my life i did want somebody. I wanted god to give me somebody who of like you can do on. I see this video game. That grand plays called to k. And he he builds a player is called my player and he goes in and gives the player everything not only cosmetically but the skills and abilities. And i and i kinda always wanted to give me someone who would give me the right amount of lateral movement and the right tattoos on my left arm the reinheid and the right speed and the right dunking i kinda wanted. I kinda wanted ministry to be like my player onto k where somebody could supercharge me with the answers and stuff and one time holly. Y'all holly has this ability to stay stuff in the sentence that will stick with you. So i was complaining that i didn't really have like i have great data. Great great people in my life helped me long back. Stand up here for a year and list. But i was looking for that one person who have put their arm around me and say now. This is how you do it in regards to preaching and leadership. This is when you should build the building and this is win. You should launch this part of the ministry and this is the right style and basically somebody to shepherd through a mistake free ministry and life and marriage a one stop shop and holly said to me you know in the middle by discouragement. This is what she said to me. You know god is never going to give you what you're asking for. He's going to give you a lot of people to guide you but he is not going to let your guides

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