Jesus Christ Keeps Charlie Kirk Motivated


What keeps you motivated. I mean the most important thing in my life is my relationship with jesus christ and my relationship with god which we should. We need to remind ourselves of that every single day and say it out loud and say clearly. Because that's really what's going on here isn't it. It's a spiritual war all of this material side of it is just a manifestation of unclean spirits impure spirits that are are going at it and that's what the scriptures tell us when it comes to what i care about in the political domain. I believe the scriptures. Tell us that we need to care about things that are beautiful and good and that are true. This is the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. And i i am twenty seven years old and i say that i want to think tonight as we go through this how much we've seen our country changed just in the last nine months and especially how much we've seen. Our country changed in the last nine years or ten years when i was in high school ten years ago. The things that we are now we've now seen implemented would be completely unthinkable now that we just take as just kind of common sense as anything but common sense but they say is just kind of normal things. The new normal. And i'm frustrated in a lot of different ways and it compels me to action. Because i will not sit idly by while this gift that we have been given the greatest country ever to exist a constitutional republic of and by and for the people that so many people have sacrificed for that. I just have to sit idly by while a while a very sinister and malevolent and clever and craft the minority takes over this country while they do not control a majority of the people and by every single measure. They are only doing it because we've allowed them to do it. And now maybe not you. But that we have allowed them to get way too far as far as cultural control way too far for way too long and they've also been willing. Which a word. I want to talk about tonight to get into the institutions to push against conservatives in christians

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