13 Fallen Military Members Arrive Back to U.S. Soil


Back home this week the remains of those thirteen. Us servicemembers killed in the suicide explosion. Outside kabul airport were crowds of afghans. Were desperate to leave the country here again. Abc's martha raddatz president biden and the first lady dressed in black for his first dignified transfer as president. These young courageous americans placing themselves in grave. Danger at the abbey gate of kabul's airport to protect american citizens and afghans trying to evacuate marineland corporal. David espinosa just twenty years old marine sergeant nicole g. twenty three years old days before her death. She was featured cradling. An afghan baby at the kabul airport writing on instagram. I love my job. Marine staff sergeant. Darren taylor hoover from salt lake city. His father calling him. One heck of a leader. Army staff sergeant ryan nas marine corporal hunter lopez marine lance corporal riley mccollum of jackson wyoming was just weeks away from becoming a father marine lance corporal dylan merola marine lance corporal kareem nicoli from nor co california. His father saying he did not hesitate to be called to duty marine corporal. Deacon william tyler page marine sergeant. Joe juhani rosario picado marine corporal umberto sanchez marine lance corporal. Jared schmitz navy. Cormon maxed in soviak. His father told a reporter that in the last face time with their son when his mother told him to be safe he said. Don't worry mom my guys got me. They won't let anything happen to me. She realized that they all just went together

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