Venezuelan Government, Opposition Leaders Continue Dialogue


Venezuela's economic and political problems long ago extended beyond the country's borders millions of venezuelans about one fifth of the country's population have fled to other countries this weekend representatives from the government and opposition parties are meeting in mexico city with international mediators for more on this. We have the world's latin america correspondent. Or hey valencia. On the line from mexico city or the government and opposition in venezuela have dueling claims on power. Why the two sides meeting i mean. What do they want. Carol the many reasons for the meetings that are happening this weekend in mexico city can be summed up in two one word. Stalemate the authoritarian regime of nicolas's mother has strengthened its control power in venezuela or the last few years but at the same time. Venezuela is a pariah. It is isolated from most of south america and much of the world who rode rigas is a former vice president and the main emissary and the person who is speaking on behalf of nicholas modo here in mexico city this weekend. He made some remarks to the television dealer sued earlier this week info guy. They make of yet. Here's the pro that he gets saying that they have a number of proposals but they are mostly focused on the economy. Because venezuela has been economically sanctioned by the united states and by european governments who see nicholas model as an illegitimate president. And of course there's opposition leader guido who a few countries around the world still consider the president. Yeah the opposition led by kwon. Dole has not succeeded in their efforts to unseat the person who they see as a dictator their strategy has mostly been to rally amongst themselves because the opposition is a broad tent as many groups. It has been also to rally on the streets and to use the international pressure but they haven't succeeded so far.

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