The Alexa Prize Story - Professor Jan Sedivy on Winning the Alexa Prize SocialBot Challenge and 40 Years in Voice Tech - Voicebot Podcast Ep 225 - burst 05


I start date group and there were many students who got through Applause am giving the who worked with me. Owner fees asuncion Step by step We have been following the progress in the industry and i was You know get inca people who are more and more interested than who are willing to cooperate and in some i would say like plenty fourteen. He decided to do question answering. So he did the Different knowledge database as son view slowly but surely giving questions like typing questions Did voice until Land the very basics of or the students learn the very basic so unhappy like do data extraction duties on the And then sunday in twenty sixteen. All's own came up with this competition and the competition or the main task of the competition was to create a social boat. Which would engaging louis and also entertainingly talking to users so and the target or the goal of those to talk as long as possible to survey difficult to convert into functional end to any a system function so it was something which is a entertainment as well as mathematics and many many different algorithms in it and a deadline We once of the road is meant a muslim put on there but they just resold so we should try and the weaver very pessimistically plus weaver. starting beautiful He can do these universities. We are admiring from here that they have a much better team. Sunday would be those who would lead. But the thought okay. Let's give it a try so we put together a proposal and the we mainly based on our work in the question onset. Inca believe me or not. We made between the top twelfth. Who was elected as these semi-finalists that time and is brought us like two fifty For students and This money this was something fantastic because this monday helped me to keep the key people on board and no students receive money therefore four day fully concentrated on the problems. We were interested in which was the social. We stopped the to put it together. In a very practical by firestone stopped with trying cody allies debts time grew and neural networks and after a few attempts we thought. Okay that is. This does not work. It's very difficult. And we opt for very simple based system and started to grow a simple system and it worked it did something is and people were able to talk to it so we went on indie competition. The uber very surprised that we were doing very out. We saw on the leaderboard by Even two or the competing sites and we've had been we have been leading so we continued. We ended up in the final on the second sports which was unbelievable. Fantastic success v about twice in seattle Received the mind price in In las vegas so unbelievably nobody for a while. I was in las vegas but none of the students was ever in las vegas. Which is again something you cannot note. See anywhere else. Except in las dos.

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